"My name is Mehwish w/o Muhammad Ashraf. I was very poor and days were passing in very difficult conditions due to poverty. One day I learned from my neighbour about loan facility and instantly applied for a loan from ASA Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) Ltd. My 1st-time loan was approved amounting to Rs:20,000/ on dated 28-07-2016 out of which I purchased one sewing machine and started my small business with an initial income of Rs:5000 per month. Currently, I have availed loan of Rs: 60,000/ on dated 13-05-2019 and have a complete tailoring setup at my house and earning Rs: 25000 per month from my sewing business. I have repaired my house and built one room in a spare area in my house. Now our survival is much better than before. Thank you ASA Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) Ltd. "

"My name is Muhammad Shoaib. I had a very small mobile cloth selling (door to door) business with a very low income and was not able to send children in school due to poverty. Things got changed when one day I saw product marketing handbill of ASA Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) Ltd. at my friend’s shop. I asked my friend what is written in it who explained to me about ASA Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) Ltd. loans detail on which I got excited being a needy and applied loan from ASA Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) Ltd. I obtained my 1st loan on dated 18-12-2014 amounting to Rs: 100,000/ and extended my cloth sale business in a small shop. Now I have a bigger shop with good cloth sale business. On the basis of my good income and business performance, ASA Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) Ltd. has recently graduated my loan from SBL to SME and approved loan of Rs: 300,000/ which has further given me an opportunity to enlarge my business setup. My children are going to the best school in my city. Thank You ASA Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) Ltd.

"My name is Muhammad Saleh. I had a small business of confectionary in a 3*4 size shop. One day ASA Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) Ltd. Loan officer came to my shop and provided brief details about Small Business Loan product features/benefits. I was very excited and availed my 1st loan on dated 18-08-2014 amounting to Rs: 100,000/ and paid a security deposit of my rental shop. Now I have a very good setup of confectionary and recently I have availed loan on dated 13-12-2018 amounting to Rs: 150,000/. I have a good income from my shop only due to ASA Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) Ltd. Thank You ASA Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) Ltd. "

"My name is Maryam. A few years back when I was sewing cloth at home but the income was not sufficient to live a better life. One day I saw some of my neighbor ladies were having one green book in their hands. When I inquired they informed me about ASA Pakistan and its loan facilities. Considering my need I immediately joined their group and availed 1st loan on dated 18-12-2008 amounting to Rs: 10,000/. Now aside sewing I am also selling readymade clothes and have a good business set up in my house. Currently I received loan on dated 15-11-2018 amounting to Rs: 80,000/. With ASA Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) Ltd. loan my earnings have improved and I am saving Rs: 20,000 on a monthly basis. Although, I could not complete my studies my daughter is doing her Graduation. Thank You ASA Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) Ltd".