Small loan is a product which is offered to a female entrepreneur only. The core objective of this product is to empower the women in the country so that they can contribute to the economy effectively.
The key features of this loan are:
The loan is for expansion of small businesses only.
Helps underprivileged to overcome the dependency on moneylenders.
Develops a self-help mentality and self-employment capacity of the entrepreneurs.
Makes the underprivileged communities self-reliant through involving in income-generating activities.
Loan ceiling (1st loan)PKR 25,000 - 50,000
Follow-on loanUp to PKR 10,000
Insurance / loan processing feesNIL
No. of instalments12
Loan duration / period1 year
Processing time for 1st loan1 week
Grace period4 weeks
Age limitFor first loan: 18 - 60
For follow-on loan: maximum 65
subject to a physical condition
Maximum loan limitPKR 100,000
Collateral requirementNot required