ASA Pakistan has branches in two provinces (Punjab and Sindh), with the largest number of branches in the Punjab province.

Microfinance is still relatively new to Pakistan. It has a less developed microfinance sector than its Asian peers. While the sector has grown significantly in the last 8 years, there is still a huge market opportunity to reach the massive low-income segment of the market. Until 2000, the main providers of microfinance in Pakistan were NGOs and government-sponsored rural support networks. With few exceptions, these institutions are generally not specialized in microfinance, nor have they demonstrated financial sustainability.

20.5m low-income people
35% served / penetration

Despite the growing number of microfinance institutions, there is still a notable lack of penetration and efficiency in the Pakistani MFIs market. The newer institutions are growing rapidly, but total outreach of these organizations is still only around 35% of the estimated 20.5 million low-income people in Pakistan.

Population demographics
Source: Census 2017, Economic Survey 2018
Total population207m
Below poverty line24.30%
Microfinance demographics
Source: Microwatch issue 51 Q1, Jan - Mar 2019
Estimated # of MF clients / potential20.5m
Currently served7.11m
Served / penetration34.70%