ASA Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) Ltd. has branches in two provinces (Punjab and Sindh), with the largest number of branches in the Punjab province.

The microfinance sector in Pakistan has grown to 8.12 million active borrowers as of 2021. The microfinanceis sector in Pakistan has come a long way since it started operations in the mid-nineties. There is still a huge market opportunity to reach the massive low-income segment of the market. It has a market potential of 20.5 million and less than 40% is served out of that is served. Financial inclusion has remained s a key agenda of policy makers in Pakistan for more than two decades now. Microfinance providers are recognised as one of the key pillars in expanding access to finance in the country.

20.5m low-income people
39.6% served

Despite the growing number of microfinance institutions, there is still a notable lack of penetration and efficiency in the Pakistani MFIs market. The newer institutions are growing rapidly, but total outreach of these organizations is still only around 40% of the estimated 20.5 million low-income people in Pakistan.

Population demographics
Source: Census 2020, Economic Survey 2020
Total population221m
Below poverty line24.30%
Microfinance demographics
Source: Microwatch
Estimated # of MF clients / potential20.5m
Currently served8.12m
Served / penetration39.60%