Centralized Client Complaint Management Unit

The ASA Pakistan management has established a Centralized Client Complaint Management at Head Office where our valued clients can share their viewpoints, raise a complaint from any grievances and seek for justice.

Who can complain

Any client who is facing a problem/injustice/delay in service/or unacceptable behavior by ASA Pakistan staff.

Client complaint procedure

  • Clients can lodge their complaints/ issues directly to CCMU at the Head Office (HO).

Channels of lodging Complaints/ Issues:

Clients can lodge their complaints through following ways.

Contact Point

Contact Details

Landline Number


Mobile Number


Email Address


Complaint Box

Installed at all Branches

Surface Mail

Lakson Square Building = 3 Block-A, Office 601 & 602 6th Floor, R.A Lines Karachi

The following steps will be taken:

  • A Complaint Resolution Officer (CRO) at HO shall record all the complaints received from different channels in the complaint management system and an acknowledgement shall be sent to the complainant within 24 hours or the next working day.
  • Based on the nature of complaint, CRO shall then route it to the concerned Zonal Head for Investigation and Resolution.
  • If a complaint is of minor nature and does not require a detailed investigation, it should be closed within 7 working days or in a defined Turnaround time (TAT) under intimation to complainant.
  • The Complaint Resolution officer shall ensure that all complaints are responded to at highest priority within 7 days of the receipt of complaint. If the complaint cannot be resolved within 7 days, an interim response Callback/SMS shall be given stating the reason for delay.
  • The complaint shall be attended to as early as possible. However, in case the complaint cannot be resolved or disposed of within particular time frame, it shall be passed on to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  • In case of fraud related cases, the final reply, in the form of final response Call back/SMS, will be sent within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of the lodgment of the complaint.
  • At the branch level, clients can lodge their complaint or submit this to a Branch Manager (BM) in writing. The BM has the responsibility to log every complaint at branch complaint register, which shall be dispatched directly to the centralized unit for investigation and record.